Rapid Fire Qs with Sharmeen: Applying to a PhD, Class Evals, Library’s 2nd Floor

| December 13, 2016

Sharmeen Islam, a M.A. student in Cognitive Science in Education, discusses the following topics in a rapid fire response: applying to a Ph.D. program at TC, class evaluations, and the renovated 2nd floor at the library.

Length: 2 mins 53 secs


Sharmeen: Hey, this is Sharmeen Islam. I am a second-year Masters student in Cognitive Science and Education.

Interviewer: And this is Rapid Fire with Sharmeen, where we’ll get Sharmeen’s opinion on a few subjects here at Teachers College. Sharmeen has about 30 seconds to answer each question. Sharmeen, are you ready?

Sharmeen: Sure.

Interviewer: Okay. Clock starts… now! Sharmeen, what do you think of Ph.D. programs and applying to that. Go!

Sharmeen: Why is the application due during finals or right before finals? Why can’t it be after finals? This is really stressing me out. And I wish that there was more mentoring to let me know the process of applying for my program. And…yeah! So, why doesn’t the application also allow for submitting of a research proposal? Thirty words is not enough for me to submit what my brilliant ideas are if I were accepted to the Ph.D. program.

Interviewer: [alarm rings] Second question, Sharmeen. What do you think of the second floor library at TC that just reopened?

Sharmeen: I love the second floor; I’ve always loved the second floor. Where is the teddy bear? There’s a teddy bear here. I want to spend some quality time with the teddy bear. You know, it’s… I’m really glad that it opened in time for finals because it’s a really great collaborative space. And yeah, I’m loving it so far. I’m loving that there is more outlets available and…

Interviewer: [alarm rings] Sharmeen, question number 3. What do you think of the evaluation for classes? How do you write them? Are you honest or are you brutal?

Sharmeen: I am brutally honest on class evaluations. There’s some classes that I really love. Some classes that really need hardcore overturn on how they’re teaching. But I kind of feel that the class evaluations don’t really get looked at, and a lot of professors aren’t really adapting to what students are saying about their classes. And so, that’s a little… sort of, not disconcerting, but like, you know, it’s kind of leaves you feeling very negative about the process.

Interviewer: [alarm rings] Sharmeen, last and final question. What do you wish the rest of TC knew about you?

Sharmeen: I’m not 24! A lot of people tend to think that I am fresh out of college, but I actually have ten years of work experience. I’m just baby-faced. So it would be really great to be, I guess, recognized for that, and to get the type of respect of being one of the older students here and not just fresh out of college.

Interviewer: [alarm rings] Sharmeen, thank you so much for being a guest on Rapid Fire.

Sharmeen: Thank you.