How to Search for Background Music

| December 5, 2016

One thing you can do to make your podcast feel more professional is to add intro and outro music, or even insert background music throughout your whole podcast. Since it is recommended not to mess around with copyright issues, it would be better to use royalty-free music. You can learn more about royalty-free music by checking out the video below.

We can get free royalty-free music directly from YouTube. Find out the how-to in the video below.

There are many other sites to get free royalty-free music other than YouTube Audio Library channel. Be selective when you search for these as some sites may require you to pay a fee for their services or pay per download. The good news is that with the nature of royalty-free, the music is yours to use forever after you make the payment.

Here are some examples of royalty-free websites and artists:


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